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In the Ska:na FLC day care program, children will be served a minimum of one hot meal, and snack each day in order to meet at least one third of their daily nutritional needs. A trained nutritionist supervises the nutrition activities of the Ska:na FLC Program and help the early childhood staff identify the nutritional program to teach parents how to select healthy foods and prepare well-balanced meals, and how to obtain food and other community assistance when needed.

The nutrition component of the FLC will help establish some good healthy nutrition habits at an early age. The meal plan at Ska:na FLC provides daily nutritious meals and snacks complete with lessons taught to the children in a hope to expose the children to the many facets of our curriculum, such as, cultural diversity math, science fine motor and how to work in a group that can be rewarding, as well as teaching them good eating habits that will hopefully stay with them through out their lives.

This nutrition program is responsible for maintaining good service in keeping with the Canadian Food Guide Standards and Traditional Ojibwa/Odawa Food Guide.

Locations: Windsor & Sarnia


Skana FLC Windsor

1684 Ellrose Avenue, Windsor, ON N8Y 3X7
Telephone: 519-948-8115
Fax: 519-948-1493


SFLC | David Maxwell P. S. Site

1648 Francois Street, Windsor, ON N8Y 4L9

SFLC | Northway Site

1699 Northway Ave, Windsor, ON N9B 3L8
Tel: 226-674-3800

SFLC | Licensed Home Child Care

1699 Northway Ave, Windsor, ON N9B 3L8

SFLC | St. Teresa of Calcutta Site

St. Teresa of Calcutta Catholic Elementary School at 1860 Chandler Road, Windsor, ON N8W 4E1


SFLC | Little Friends

295 Essex Street, Sarnia ON N7T 4S3
Tel: 519-339-0945
Fax: 519-339-0932

SFLC | Hanna Memorial P. S. Site

Before & After School Program
Little Friends at Hanna Memorial P.S.
369 Maria Street, Sarnia, ON N7T 4T7
Tel: 519-339-0945
Fax: 519-339-0932