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Holistic Life-Cycle Achievement Program

Social Support Services

The Ska:na supportive services component represents a collaborative partnership-building with families through an organized method of assisting them to assess their needs, and then providing those services that will build upon the individual strengths of families to meet their own needs. Staff and families will collaboratively design and update individualized family development plans to insure trust in the service agencies and that delivery strategies are responsive to the goals, ideals and values of the family.

Some of the activities that the social services staff use to assist families to meet their needs will be: community outreach, liaison, referrals, family need assessments, providing information about available community resources and, how to obtain and use them, recruitment and enrollment of children, and emergency assistance and/or crisis intervention.

Special Program staff members may be assigned the responsibility of contacting the agencies and specialized professionals required by the children and/or families.

Educational Workshops for Parents/Caregivers

Educational workshops are provided for parents through the Holistic Life-cycle Achievement Program (HLAP). Educational workshops may include the following, job readiness skills training, literacy skills development, Basic Shelf Cooking and parenting classes. These workshops are free of charge and open to all parents.

Parent Involvement

Through participation in classes and workshops on child development and through visiting,(parent consultation) with the staff, parents learn about the needs of their children and about educational activities that can be carried out at home. Many parents also serve in the FLC on a volunteer basis, or as aides to teachers, social service personnel, and other staff members, and as cooks, storytellers, and supervisors of play activities.

Ska:na FLC provides a planned program of experiences and activities that support and enhance the parental role as the principle influence in their child's education and development.

Provide a program that recognizes the parent as:

  • Responsible guardians of their children's well being.
  • Prime educators of their children.
  • Contributors to Ska:na Family Learning Centre and their community.

Provide the following kinds of opportunities for parent participation.

  • Direct involvement in decision making in program planning and operations Participation in classroom and other program activities as volunteers, participants or observers
  • Activities for parents which they have helped develop.
  • Working with their own and other children in cooperation with Ska:na Family Learning Centre staff.

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